Great Catches

These are just of the few catches taken on Berkley GULP. If you have a catch you are proud of and would like to have it posted here, just email us the photo along with what bait you had taken it on and we will get it posted on this page.

Keep your lines tight and the pictures coming!

Congratulations to Our latest Great CATCHES...


Mitch Yoder of Wellington, Kansas caught this very impressive 6lb 4oz large mouth on GULP 5" Wacky Crawler color green pumpkinseed


Fell for a GULP 3" Pumpkin seed color Grub


Fell for a GULP 5" sinking minnow in black

Nice Job for this 9 year old up and coming Bass PRO champ!


Fell for a GULP wacky rigged

Watermelon color Shaky Worm